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How It Works

Phase 1: Accept Imperfection
Phase 2: Design Your Life
Phase 3: Sample Your Lives
Step 1:

Ditch the notion that you have to be perfect!

Step 2:

Ditch dysfunctional beliefs that you must have a passion!

Step 1: Your optimized life

Start a good time journal

Do it for 3 weeks everyday

Utilize AEIOU Technique:

  • ACTIVITIES you were doing?
  • ENVIRONMENT you were in?
  • Who were you INTERACTING with?
  • What OBJECTS were you using?
  • What USERS were you working for?

Step 2: Sketch a 5 year plan of your alternate life

Suppose your job went away due to AI taking over

What else would you do?

Step 3:Sketch a 5 year plan of your Fascinated life

What would you do if money, image, prestige wasn’t an issue for you?

Step 1: Conduct prototype conversations

Reach out to people on linkedIn

Find people at conferences and ask to have coffee or 15 min skype meeting to conduct informational interviews.

Listen to their stories and take notes.

Step 2: Narrow down a few lives you'd like to live

Choose a life of one person you've interviewed

Live the life of that person for a while

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