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How to Improve Focus and Concentration

Best ideas and top research on how to get and stay focused. We break down the science behind sharpening your mind and paying attention to what matters. We help you focus on your goals in life or business.

Simple Self Growth Technique

Simple useful but very effective technique for self growth. It consists of watching how people behave/act in various situations, then looking inside yourself, to find out if you behave in the same way under the same conditions

Best Informational Interviews Questions About Life/Career

The informational interview is simply a conversation between yourself and someone who holds a job or life similar to what you are searching for. How do you gather information? By asking the best informational interview questions! Prepare with 5–10 engaging informative interview questions. Take notes to keep yourself from talking too much. Make sure the interviewee talks 95% of the time.

Test your knowledge

Note: DO NOT Peak at the answers until you've answered the question either to yourself or to someone else!

  • Stop multitasking! Focus on one task at a time
  • List 25 tasks and prioritize the top 5
  • Measure progress by writing down/recording your results each time
  • Focus on the process not the end result
  • Never check email before noon
  • Leave your phone in another room
  • Remove all tasks that could distract from early morning focus
  • Watch the people you meet at home, work, at the supermarket, on the bus, train and on the street, watch how they behave in various circumstances
  • Watch how people talk, walk and react, and how they are treated by others
  • Pay attention to the way people use their voice and how they react to other people's voices.
  • If you do not like what you see, analyze why you do not like it, and then analyze your own behavior to find out, whether you behave in the same way.
  • When you discover that you possess some of these undesirable traits/behaviors, you are going to be aware of them, and do your best to avoid them.
  • When you detect in someone a behavior/character traits you like and desire to possess, visualize and try to act in a similar way
  • Think and visualize over and again in your mind how you would like to act and behave
  • Do not be disappointed or frustrated if you do not attain fast results. Persevere with your efforts, never give up, and you will begin to see your life change.
  • How did your career/life path take you to this job/lifestyle?
  • What are the major components of your job/lifestyle on a daily basis?
  • What do you enjoy the most about the job/life?
  • What do you like least about your job/life?
  • How do you see your job/life changing in the next 10 years?
  • If you could go back and do anything differently on your career/life path, what would you do?
  • What would surprise people about your daily work/life?
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